My Style


Back in 2008, when I shot my first wedding I remember the bride's dad ask me " Varun, what is so special about your pictures?" I replied " Honestly, I don't know, uncle. Maybe we will find something when the pictures are ready".

Almost 9.5 years later I still don't know how to articulate what my style is . But, I do know today what it is I like to photograph and why I do it the way I do. I believe our tastes and sensibilities align themselves. The type of music we listen to, the movies we watch, the way we cook or keep our work desks, the books we read or why we admire certain sportspeople more than others can all be explained. This pattern extends to the people I connect with and how I see and photograph them. 

I have always considered the primary purpose of a photograph is to evoke a sense of nostalgia. Yet, far too often we find ourselves chasing trends.  I am photographically attracted to sincere and graceful fun. I  keep my editing style clean and minimal. Personally, painstakingly editing the 1000s of pictures I shoot every year. Tending to them carefully and ensuring they are meaningful many years from now and have not wilted to a passing retro-filter/pose/instagram like-worthy trend. 

Photography has a lot to do with action and reaction ( and specifically how the photographer reacts) for this very reason I have never aspired to expand into an assembly line of photographers churning out impersonal work. Instead I work alone ( most of my 258+ weddings have been shot alone ) or work with a small team who think in similar lines. This in turn brings me clients who like their wedding days to be simple, small and intimate.

Also, as much as I love photography, I love befriending the couple, their family and friends. Why would I let some associate or intern take that away from me? This definitely helps me unobtrusively document the wedding day and present the couple with a photo story that would appear memorable and warm years from now.