About Me

Back in 2008, when I shot my first wedding, the bride's dad asked me ,"Varun, what is so special about your pictures?" I replied, " Honestly, I don't know, uncle. Maybe we will find something when the pictures are ready”. Nine and a half years later, I still don't know how to articulate what my style is . But, I do know today what it is I like to photograph and why I do it the way I do. 

I think it all comes down to how I interpret life and people, and what truly gets me going. 

I believe when you strip away the many crusts and layers of a person, all that remains is a basic yet honest emotion that isn't confined by time, place or circumstance. 

I see it in the simplest of melodies in an epic musical piece. Or in the decluttered narrative shots of a Roger Deakins masterpiece. I even see it shining through in a swift, unguarded moment as a bride gives in to a burst of laughter, before realizing that the layers on her face wouldn't take it too kindly. This authentic release of emotion is what I look for in life and photography and I guess that's why I shoot the way I do. 

Through the many weddings I have shot, I have made friends for life and meaningful relationships that I cherish. All of these started with a calming reassurance that I could feel and relate to what the day meant to them, even if just a tiny bit. Because I have the privilege of being in their personal space even if only for a day, I am able to capture the true essence of their personalities -- beyond the prettiness, amidst the chaos. Just who they really are, even on their big day. 

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