Varun is a wonderful photographer. Not only is he a gifted artist and a complete professional but he is also incredibly hard working and a genius with light. His pictures weave intricate beautiful stories. Stories with the skill and sophistication of experience but with the energy and edge of youth. I met Varun in 2009 when I was shopping for a wedding photographer and since then I have worked with him several times. I have recommended his work to friends in New York and Melbourne and they have had him travel all over India to shoot their destination weddings. If I lived in India he would be photographing our family at every event (and non-event). He is also a sweetheart making it very easy to work with him and I have come to regard him as a part of the family. He’s given me incredible photographs of my wedding and my baby daughter and I’m sure he will continue to capture the milestones yet to come. Varun will not disappoint.
— Bindu and Rajiv, 2009
Varun, just wanted to write a short note to congratulate you on your new website and needless to say, it looks great!

It is almost 2 years since our wedding and we have to admit that looking at the pictures Varun has given us makes reliving those 2 memorable days of our lives really special- the moments, the emotions and happiness captured through his lens is indeed a well ‘shot story’! Thank you Varun, for the beautiful gift, and we will continue to recommend you and your work to everyone we know.

If you are looking for a photographer who will seamlessly blend in the crowd, and make his presence felt only through the quality and variety of pictures he delivers, look no further! And yes, he adds his great company at no extra charge :)

— Vinithra and Arvind, 2012
Varun is probably the softest most mild mannered person you will ever meet in your life. I had a tiny wedding, with just a few friends and family and was looking for someone who would very ably capture that magical time for me. And Varun more than delivered! My pictures make me and my husband look wayyy prettier than we actually are. And he caught a lot of moments that we didn’t even notice. He’s given us the best gift anyone could give a newly married couple really... With his work, I can relive that beautiful time over and over again, and it never seems to get boring :) His pictures make me feel proud of my wedding, and that’s not something that can happen easily!
— Simran and Hiren, 2013
When the date for our wedding was set, the first thing we did was hunt for a candid photographer to capture those magical moments. Stumbled upon, the one and only Varun Suresh. And we cannot express in words how glad we are to have found him!

He was such a joy to interact with from the very first time that we spoke to him. For us, the couple undergoing wedding planning anxiety, his simplicity made it real easy to connect with. The big day arrived and he was such a no-fuss in the shadows person. He wished the both of us in the sweetest manner on our special day!

To be honest, I was very worried about how our wedding pictures would be, as most of my freinds accused me of smiling very little or being very tensed on that day. Boy-o-boy, was I wrong to have been worried. Varun sent us a series of beautiful images of our special day. Made us look more beautiful than we thought we looked. It was a such a beautiful blessing for us to have those special moments captured! Whenever we see them, we can relive those magical moments again and again and we couldn’t thank you enough for the joy it brings us.

Also, you must be informed that ever since our wedding pictures have been out, almost everybody we know, asks us “Who was your wedding photographer???” Everybody we know loved the pictures. Your work speaks for itself and all we can add is that, “He is such a nice human being and a real joy to work with!”

All the very best! We wish you all success!
— Sindhuja and Bhanuchandar, 2013
One of the best things about Varun is that you will not notice he’s around – no requests for specific poses from him, and no awkwardly arranging people into multiple group shots. He slipped into the background, whether it was upstairs while we were getting ready for the ceremony, or at the mandap, and he manages to capture some amazing candid moments. Looking back at our wedding pictures I notice that the ones we treasure the most are the ones that Varun took. He’s also an absolute delight to work with, very accommodating of our requests, and reliable.
— Sujatha and Shayak, 2013
We knew we wanted to capture only natural and unposed moments during our wedding festivities and going with Varun was one of the best decisions we made. He is a wonderful photographer and person - both of us and our respective families immensely enjoyed having him around at all the events. He has very good photographic timing and managed to unobtrusively capture moments we would like to remember and our close family and friends in their element. Our wedding album tells a compelling story and doesn’t cease to bring a smile on our faces every time we look through the photographs. Thank you Varun and keep up the good work!
— Chetna and Mithun, 2014
There were only 3 months left for my Wedding and I still hadn’t finalised my photographer! I searched and searched and finally chanced upon Varun’s website. I fell in love with the pictures. Each picture had a story to tell. The colours on the pictures were balanced - perfectly balanced. It was so different from the ones I had seen before. I immediately typed out a long mail to him hoping he will be available.
I got a reply from Varun in less than 24 hours and somehow I felt extremely comfortable. He seemed to understand the anxiety that I was going through and expressed great enthusiasm in the concept. When he came for the wedding, it was almost like he was a part of our family. He blended in so well. When I saw the pictures, I really thanked my lucky stars for picking him as my wedding photographer.

Varun is professional, he is humble and very accommodative, you won’t even notice him because he just glides through the crowd and manages to get amazing photographs. He is one of the nicest photographers I have known. If you are browsing through his website now, I recommend you to pick him for your wedding/ any happy event because you won’t find another photographer like him.
— Janani and Sharadh, 2014
Choosing the right photographer is equally important as choosing the wedding hall or the caterer. I realized this while planning my wedding a year ago. In a time when there are umpteen choices available for candid photography, Varun Suresh’s work stood out. Each photograph had a story to tell and I fell in love with the colors and framing. Varun is soft-spoken and extremely comfortable to work with. Right from his prompt replies to emails to the way he explained his work during our first meeting, my mother and I were assured my wedding photography was in good hands. The way he glides through the crowd and the way he effortlessly manages to capture the perfect moment, we are all extremely happy we chose you as our photographer. The photobook which was beautifully laid out was yet another delight. I would be more than happy to recommend your work. You are a delight to work with and we love your work! All the best, Varun.
— Anitha and Venkatesh, 2014
Living away from India meant that Sid and I had little or no say in the wedding planning and choosing our wedding photographer was one of the few things we could do sitting here. Guess we did make the right choice choosing Varun, we love our wedding pictures.

As someone that is not photogenic and hates posing for photographs it was such a relief having Varun photograph us ,as he did not ask us to pose or smile or look in the camera and the final pictures look brilliant and everyone looks genuinely happy. We had a very small yet traditional wedding and Varun has captured the wedding so well that every time we look at the pictures, we have a smile on our face and can relive the day. Even our parents, who were sceptical about this whole “candid photography” love the pictures

And I must admit that over the course of time, Varun has become one of our friends rather than just someone who photographed our wedding, and this affable nature is probably what sets him apart from the rest.

Varun-I know I’ve told this to you so many times but thanks again for taking such pretty pictures of us and our wedding. We would gladly recommend anyone planning their wedding to choose Varun - the man does magic with his camera and makes you look fantastic

Lots of love-Lavanya and Sid
— Lavanya and Sid, 2015
Working with Varun during our wedding was an absolute joy. He was friendly, professional, and made the daunting task of smiling for cameras seem effortless. When I got back the photos I was so happy to see his perspective of the event, I love each and every picture.”
— Jennifer and Rahul, 2015
“I was lucky to have found Varun after an arduous search for good wedding photography. His pictures just grew on me everytime I saw them. The look and feel in his pictures is truly natural, classic and beautiful. Never thought I’d become a fan of black and white photos before, but each one of his black and whites elegantly tells a story that can take you back in time. The creative touch in Varun’s photographs is compellingly visible but with a subtle and pleasing feel to the pictures! Looking at my album, I could clearly tell that even in the middle of all the chaos at my wedding party, he has gone beyond plain candid to successfully make artistic images. I’m sure I’ll relish my pictures over a cup of coffee years from now.

Awesome pictures aside, it was so easy to work with him throughout! Our photo-shoot pictures turned out so lovely and fun, no one could tell that we were such a camera shy couple (by the way, kudos for taking some great pics where Shashank is actually smiling, haha!). I was initially hesitant when some of my folks asked him to take group pictures, but he stepped forward himself and encouraged all of us to group up and pose in front of the lens - and that’s what turned my low-key mehendi session into a fun family event (after all, what’s a wedding without crazy and funny group pictures with your family who you dont get to meet often?)! The icing on the cake came when my dad, who was so skeptical about the whole candid thing, said “Oh, that Varun Suresh did a great job!”.

Varun, I look forward to many more enjoyable photo sessions with you and I hope you continue to find growth and inspiration in your profession.”
— Navaneeta and Shashank, 2015
I had this very specific idea in my head about what I wanted from a wedding photographer: someone who would provide me with a record of my tight-knit wedding as it happened, in the best light possible, without any pretenses to overblown theatrical productions. As soon as I saw Varun’s work, I knew I’d found my dream photographer. He has what I believe is a unique eye for detail that gives you images that are wonderfully intimate and full of warmth in a way that makes all those special moments seem so proximate even months and years later. There is no artifice to his vision and that is a rare and precious quality! What was especially important to me was that Varun seems to have a special relationship with colour – he grasps the vibrancy of outfits, venues, flowers, faces in an incredibly realistic fashion. There is this grounded yet ethereal quality to his imagery that honestly reminds me of Mani Ratnam in his heyday. I was truly thrilled when I received my entire wedding set – he’s captured so much joy (and bittersweet-ness) in these images that it is hard to fully express how good it makes me feel to go through the album.
I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Varun is also a remarkably affable and charming person! He is always enthusiastic, even when the bride-to-be has kept him waiting for three hours the previous night (sorry, Varun!) and is just a generally warm and engaged presence. He was a big hit with the guests at the wedding too and ended up going way beyond his call of duty. If you want someone who can appreciate what is special about your day and make it his mission to encapsulate that on film, you can do no better than Varun.
— Aditi and Cameron, 2015
I always knew when I get married I would only get Varun to take our photos. I have seen his
work constantly evolve and grow since he started taking photos and it’s been a joy to watch.
He always pushes the boundaries and reinvents his work and creativity, and is one of those
people with high standards who keeps getting better and better! I’m so glad he shot our
wedding. His photos just have this strong emotional and evocative character to them. They
have a narrative of joy in every single frame. I want to emphasize that when you work with
Varun you are working with a true artist with passion and not just any another wedding
photographer which is why he stands apart from the crowd. His photography is just like his
personality – honest, real and extremely beautiful. I’m so glad I had my special day
documented by my special friend.
There’s just a unique way he makes you feel calm and so confident about yourself on your
wedding day it’s amazing. He doesn’t ask you to pose, or make you feel awkward. Infact the
nicest photos he took from my wedding set, I didn’t even know he was there capturing it.
He is like a ninja, you never know where he is, but he is everywhere! He has a positive
attitude and is a joy to work with.
I guarantee you while you may have a thousand little things to worry about on your
wedding day, getting gorgeous photos shouldn’t be one of them when you have Varun by
your side. You will be so pleasantly surprised with the quality, professionalism and creativity
of his work.
— Adithi & Varun, 2016
My first wedding anniversary is just around the corner and the timing seems apt to shower my favourite photographer with long overdue words of praise. Good photos are those that stand the test of time; good photos keep your memories from running away. Varun’s eye captures all of the right moments. Look through my wedding album and you won’t just know how everything looked but you’ll know how it felt. And that alone is my recommendation for Varun. Also, it really doesn’t hurt that he makes for good company, some good advice and a few good laughs. I should also add, I LOVE how my photos were edited. I love that they look real, rich colours and fine details. And amidst all the chaos that makes a telugu-brahmin wedding, I love the fine details he managed to freeze in time for me. Maybe there’s a lot more I can recommend Varun for :)
So thank you Verun, for being part of my story as much as you documented it.
— Keerthi and Archit, 2016
I remember the first time Varun showed me the photos he clicked, I knew from that moment that I wanted him to capture my wedding, I didn’t even know whom I will marry but I knew the photographer! There are many who can take photos, do all kinds of effects and angles with the camera but Varun captures emotions. The bride is so overwhelmed at the wedding that she can’t register what’s going on at that time around her but when I flip through the album now, I don’t feel like I missed out on anything. I feel all the love that I felt then, I feel all the butterflies in my stomach again. And I love that feeling as if we paused that time and went right back in time.
— Apeksha & Utsav, 2017
Wedding photography and all the hype around it really got to us and we really wanted to make sure we got it right. We came across so many photographers who turned wedding pictures into a staged, hideous photo op and needless to say, we found it distasteful. On one lazy weekday, while aimlessly browsing through Instagram, we stumbled upon Verun- as he refers to himself, and several times in third person (weirdo). From the looks of his work and albeit bare minimum social media presence, we thought his taste was artistic, interesting and extraordinary. It really caught our eye. We wanted someone who could essay our wedding celebrations truthfully, as is, while capturing all the funnies, intensities, and strange humanly expressions along the way.

Now, while we sit back and look at the pictures curious-eyed Varun shot of us, we laugh, we cry and we feel wed again.

Thank you, photographer. :)

P.S. He also secretly validates pictures I take for fun, gives me tips to improve them and engages me in casual banter.
— Sumanya & Sabarish, 2017
Heartiest congratulations on your new website. It is absolutely gorgeous !
Every picture shot by you tells a story and I am in love with your work.
You are one of the most perceptive photographers who can can capture that crazy feeling of love, that forever moment like no one else.
I am making an announcement today on social media that you and only you will be responsible for my sister’s wedding photography !

— Aanchal ( Romika's Bridesmaid ) , 2015
Verun was amazing and calm through the madness and chaos of a 3 day party aka the indian wedding. More importantly he was fun and made the whole process less stressful for me. I must tell you here that I’d asked Varun to be my wedding photographer before I’d picked my wedding planner or decorator so that’s very telling of his talent. He also has the ability to capture the unseen so that when you looking at your pictures later on, you have a whole lot of surprises in store. Varun, we still need to do Jodhpur!
TDLR- Varun is wonderful. Go with him! :)
— Meghana, 2016
Varun is an incredibly talented photographer with an uncanny knack to keep pictures natural, yet beautiful in a day and age of excessive photoshop skills. His black and white images are truly classic and elegant. Awesome pictures aside, his affable personality makes him a delight to work with. Will recommend Varun hands down! Amidst the lengthy to-do lists you might have for your event, ticking off “gorgeous pictures” will be a breeze if you have Varun behind the lens:-) Keep up the good work Varun and wish you all success!
— - Smruthi ( Bride's sister ) , 2016
When we decided to get engaged, The first thing we wanted was to have Varun as the photographer. With the work he had done, we knew we had chosen the right photographer. He captures the way just they are. That way, the photos turned out to be truly amazing.We can’t thank him enough for all the beautiful pictures. Each time we look at them , we time travel to the day filled with these wonderful emotions. Most importantly, he is super friendly to work with. We would definitely recommend him to all of our friends and family.
— Jazwi and Shuba, 2016
Varun is an incredible wedding photographer! He listened and connected with what we wanted from our photos and on the days of our wedding captured everything with ease and care. When I first saw my wedding photos I had to stop myself from crying! Varun not only photographs everything that’s happening perfectly he has this magical way of capturing the mood and energy of each moment. If I could do it all again I wouldn’t change a thing about our photos, and will always be grateful for having met him!
— Sandhya and Sam, 2017
Varun is not just your average wedding photographer, he is your bridesmaid-photographer. The day of my wedding would have been a disaster, had it not been for Varun who took the role of my bridesmaids as they got super late. He is no pretense, and the lens through which he sees you is authentic. I feel my wedding was documented in a way that captured the myriad emotions we all were feeling. I get a glimpse of those emotions each time I see the pictures. Imagine the power of his work, it transports you like a time machine. For people who value memories, Varun helps you etch those memories till you get dementia.. Varun, You may not know but you sprinkle some fairy dust of magic in people’s memories :)
— Saloni and Vanburn, 2018
Being from London and having worked with some of the best photographers there and in Europe, or even Canada, I was in such a pickle of who to choose for my wedding. So many offered it to me as a wedding gift, but I simply couldn’t accept and definitely didn’t want to offend anyone. Because even if you ask me right now, who I think the best wedding photographer is, I would find it so hard to pick.
However, when I attended @justranjani ‘s wedding in Coimbatore I was in love with her wedding pics. I asked her if she would mind if I used the same photographers, she gave me their details immediately but also told me about the photographer she also had in her top 3s who wasn’t available for her wedding.
That is how I found @shotstoriesbyvarunsuresh and I am telling you people, from the emails, to the whatsapp convos, to having him on the day, and also getting the pictures after, Varun has been nothing but professional, quick and effective, kind, and every single one of our guests were in love with him. Even our wedding planners loved working with him. He was hands down one of the easiest photographers I have worked with, and I am so so happy we have become friends ever since; from random voicenotes, sharing YouTube clips of Christopher Nolan or Hans Zimmer, almost crying about Game of Thrones season 8, to long and philosophical messages about life, Varun is such an amazing human being and a bloody talented photographer.
— Vithya, 2018
One of the best in the business, Varun is your go-to person for pictures you want to hold close to your heart and cherish for a lifetime. His pictures are not pictures alone. They tell stories. They aren’t just a visual treat. They are a multi sensory experience. You feel the warmth of the sun, the touch of the breeze, the wafting fragrance of flowers, the movement and the rhythm of the people. Nothing escapes his eye and as he blends to the background, his camera catches every detail from the sublime to the banal giving you pictures that radiate with love and life. Captures the feel brilliantly and he gifts you an evergreen memory of that special day. As authentic and genuine as they come, the rapport he builds with you is not only reflected in his understanding of what you need, but also extends to his becoming a part of your friends and family circle. If you want only the best and you want honesty, beauty, brilliance and warmth, then don’t hesitate for a second. Just sign him on. He is simply top class.
— Sudha Aunty. ( Avinash's mum ) , 2019
Choosing the photographer was one of the few things I had real control over during my wedding. So, I made my choice carefully.

When I was looking at photographers nearly a year ahead of my wedding, Varun’s work stood out and spoke for itself. The only thing remaining was to find out whether he’d be the right personality fit for my mostly goofy wedding party.

Right from our first email interaction, it became clear that Varun is someone who brings his real self to work everyday. He has one of the best written “here are the details” emails I’ve ever seen. He tells you what he will and will not be doing up front, and that made it a breeze for me to work with him. The last thing you want when you’re trying to wrangle wedding stuff is a vendor who is wishy-washy. We had Varun photograph the mehendi and wedding ceremonies. He was punctual, professional, and 100% present the whole time. He brings valuable experience to the table, and made great suggestions when I was choosing the flower decor, backdrops etc.

Being the open and authentic person that he is, it is impossible not to have a great rapport with him. Guests at my wedding thought that Varun was an old friend of mine who also happens to be a great photographer. He has since become a dear friend who guilt trips me about cleaning my desk.

We were completely blown away when Varun sent us the pictures afterwards. Our events were pretty intimate, and I was thrilled at how Varun had managed to capture not just me and my husband, but everyone who was there - the entire life of the party.

I highly, highly recommend Varun to everyone who is looking for a genuine, warm, funny, and extremely talented human being to photograph their wedding!
— Nikhila , 2019