Russia, a lifetime ago.

They say, life passes most people by while they're making grand plans for it. I don’t know much about life or grand plans, but I do know 2 years and 9 months pass by quite quickly when one is their own full time photographer, editor, manager, driver, cook, accountant, sweeper, mopper, dishwasher. Basically, sometimes I feel I am a full time urban-clap deep cleaning professional.

Anyway, it was some time back in 2004 that I first stumbled upon Ludovico Einaudi on and I instantly fell in love with his music. Every night my mum would fall asleep to Ludovico’s tunes while I edited the night away. vanished a short while later and Ludovico passed out of all knowledge. It wasn’t until years later that I re-discovered him on Spotify. I have held his music close to my heart since.

Flash forward to 2016 after much music was consumed and many Russians were befriended, I finally found unreal tickets to go watch Ludovico live in Moscow. I would have never imagined planning a trip to Russia so soon otherwise. If I have to say one thing about Russia it is, quoting Archie ( when asked what he felt about Betty) “ feels like an old shoe”. One that is so naturally comfortable. Where one can feel at home ( I suppose it is also largely due to my very dear Russian friends Anny, Xenia and Zhanna for showing me to such a good time). Russia doesn’t try to be cool, it is effortlessly old school. The sheer scale of everything! , the variety and combination of food ( what is typically sweet in India is a savoury there and vice versa) , how inexpensive everything is, the price always feels right. I have to say I loved my time there.

This post was initially supposed to go out during the world-cup last year ( you know, capitalising on trending hashtags and all that ) and as a last chance soon after Chernobyl premiered on HBO. Neither happened. I clearly need to stop being lazy with productive internet activities . So, here it is on 19th June 2019. Russia, A lifetime ago.