Aditi and Cameron's Marathi-English Wedding at the Taj Mahal Palace, Bombay

This wedding happened quite a while ago. So, whatever I remember might be slightly made up. 

Aditi wanted to meet me a day prior to the wedding and she conveniently made me wait for at least 2 hours?!!  It did not please me, but I had to put on a patient demeanour .  This of course delayed my dinner with Anushree ( who was to shoot this wedding with me ).  Also, I happened to see a gruesome accident en-route said dinner with Anushree.  Clearly, it wasn't the finest start to a wedding.

But, much of that was about to change. 

Almost two years have passed since their wedding , Aditi and Cameron have become an indispensable part of my TV, Movie education. Spending hours dissecting the shows and movies we watch, Cameron religiously sending over compilations of the masters of cinematography, Aditi and I invariably lusting over Portuguese and Mallu food and always venting out our annoyance with  social media "influencers".

Flash Back to the wedding day. 

It has always been a dream to see what the hype around the Taj Palace was. And, boy did it live up to it!

Glorious sunlight light that pours into the rooms , Monument Valley-esque corridors and staircases, Regal dining rooms, views to kill for from the many windows  and  a generous serving of  a very cute and kind couple. A happy, truly intimate wedding with plenty of tears shed by the males of the house is all that I could have asked for. 

Hit the play button and check the set out :) 

Venue : The Taj Palace, Bombay

Team : Varun Suresh and Anushree Gavas