Spain and Portugal with the Family.

I have been fortunate to have parents who have always made travelling a top priority in their lives. Within their limited means they ensured every year the family would get to see some part of India. But, after my father retired from work, that tradition ended.

Sometime last year I thought it would be a good idea to renew that ritual. We decided on visiting Spain and Portugal. This was the first trip abroad for my parents ( Not counting Bhutan here because it is not a foreign trip for an Indian passport holder unless one is really made to work for their visa).

It is a special kind of happiness to see parents become kids again, to see mum excited to hop onto a bendy bus. To take dad to the supermarket and see him overjoyed at the chocolates section and then to look at his face and say "No, you cannot have that!". Sheer joy! :)

George Lucas eloquently talks about this emotion here . 

The photographs below are from Barcelona, Madrid, Granada, Sevilla and Lisbon. Enjoy :)