So, I went to Europe a while ago.

Sometime last year, actually September last year I had decided to visit Europe hoping for a 'Before Sunrise'-esque episode. Anyway nothing of that sort happened and Vienna wasn't even that nice in my opinion. But, the nicer part of the story is I got to re-unite with my photographer friends from London who are now in various parts of Europe.

The trip was 22 days in all and I had about 12 days of solo time. I was petrified of that part initially, but looking back I definitely had a more visceral experience being alone.

Here are the photos from Germany ( Münster, Hamburg, Berlin) Czech Republic ( Prague, Česky Krumlov), Austria ( Vienna), Hungary ( Budapest )and Switzerland (Montreux, Interlaken, Schilthorn, Gruyère, Zurich, Frauenfeld). 

Make sure you play the music before you scroll :)

Enjoy :)