Sandhya and Sam's Wedding at Rina's Venue


Disclaimer : Personal Rant mode ON. 

2017 didn’t particularly begin very well for me. While everyone was celebrating the turn of the year I was just half way into a gruelling wedding season. Overloaded with shoots, edit backlogs, difficult clients and miscellaneous worries. In fact I was so exhausted, for the first time ever, I voluntarily asked a friend to assist me with the next wedding shoot as I was sure I would be unable to handle it all by myself. 

That's where I was wrong. 

Almost a year ago, Raji ( the bride’s mum ) wrote to me. She was at her affable best from the very first email. I was not sure what to make of it because in times we live in, good nature warrants suspicion. I must admit I was far too cautious. Finally the day arrived. The 4 days that followed wasn’t what I was remotely expecting it to be. I have been photographing weddings for a little over 9 years now and it is very rarely that a wedding overwhelms me with genuine happiness. In fact I remember Simran (the Andaman Bride ) advising me to be visibly happier while shooting. This wedding definitely got the better of me. The sheer extent of happiness that was shared and celebrated was humbling. I can easily say, even if this wedding lasted another week I would have shot through every second of it without breaking Facebook with my complaints. Thank you for letting me be a part of your joy , Sandhya, Sam and Raji. 

Photography by : Srinivas R.S and Varun Suresh

Venue : Rina's Venue

Decor : Nachiappan

Hit play before scrolling down. Have a happy day/week/year, guys :)


P.S : Happy Anniversary you two :)