Saloni and Vanburn get married and then once again in Bombay.



What is better than Saloni and Vanburn's wedding? Well, two Saloni and Vanburn weddings!!

Saloni and I barely spoke in the months leading up to the wedding. Whatever brief  WhatsApp conversations we had didn't really tell me much about her ( honestly, I thought she was not very happy with me :/ ) . The days immediately leading up to the wedding were rather physically draining for me as I was shooting big fat weddings for big teams ( boring ) and I was really hoping things would change for me. 

Introducing, Saloni. "Varun, I am not getting ready at the hotel, I am getting ready in Van's house".  That definitely sounded like a good start to the day I thought.  Dhanika and I arrived at Vanburn's house to be greeted by his mum and two cats ( I strongly suggest hiring cats while one plans to get ready).

Fast Forward a couple of  hours (during the course of which I decided Saloni and I couldn't be friends as she DOESN'T watch Game Of  Thrones!! What is that even? ). We made decent use of the glorious angular midday sun in Bombay and got some pictures taken.  Soon we learnt, nobody was coming to pick  her up!! I would like to think somebody really did forget the bride. As we were waiting  I got to know that Vanburn( How cool is that name?) is basically Jack Black ( from School of Rock and Kung Fu Panda )  

Time passed and eventually we made it to the church. Had the happiest of weddings and bumped into the next couple who were getting married there, got photobombed by a friendly dog and said goodbyes. For, we were to meet again in a week for part II  of which I know nothing about  as Alpheus and Dinesh shot that part . But, that's what the photos are for. A big big congrats to you guys once again and may you always be blessed with cats in your life :) 

P.S : The theme of the wedding was Cats and somehow the universe presented us with cats on both days everywhere we went ( as you will see )

P.P.S : Coincidently in the music video of the song below the lead singer is connected to a cat in the love web drawing they make. 


Team : Varun , Dhanika, Alpheus , Dinesh, Saloni and Vanburn

Hit Play and enjoy :)