Spain and Portugal with the Family.

I have been fortunate to have parents who have always made travelling a top priority in their lives. Within their limited means they ensured every year the family would get to see some part of India. But, after my father retired from work, that tradition ended.

Sometime last year I thought it would be a good idea to renew that ritual. We decided on visiting Spain and Portugal. This was the first trip abroad for my parents ( Not counting Bhutan here because it is not a foreign trip for an Indian passport holder unless one is really made to work for their visa).

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So, I went to Europe a while ago.

Sometime last year, actually September last year I had decided to visit Europe hoping for a 'Before Sunrise'-esque episode. Anyway nothing of that sort happened and Vienna wasn't even that nice in my opinion. But, the nicer part of the story is I got to re-unite with my photographer friends from London who are now in various parts of Europe.

The trip was 22 days in all and I had about 12 days of solo time. I was petrified of that part initially, but looking back I definitely had a more visceral experience being alone.

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If your idea of a holiday is meeting happy peaceful people, sitting by the flowing river and reading for hours together till the light fades away and makes way for the milky way, trekking atop misty mountains and infinite fields with random lazy dogs for company, playing football with the monks, getting overpowered by the mighty Buddha, then go to Bhutan. If you are up for some  chillies, pork,  Bhutanese Karaoke  and don't mind being raced to the top of hills by 75 year olds. Then go to Bhutan. 

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