Looking Back

This was meant to be a 'looking back' post and I was to share it on the 31st of December 2014. As you can see that has clearly not happened. This time the reason isn't my aimless faffing around ( well it is to some extent), it is largely because I took up more work than I should have. So, when I look back at my 2014 that's indeed been the story. It has been quite a fulfilling year professionally. When the year began I had resolved to strike a reasonable balance between work and life. Looking back, I feel I have managed to achieve that to some extent. 

The year began with a fine combination of Mallu-Telugu-Bohra weddings. Soon, in February I shot my first proper International wedding ( The Chinese wedding in Singapore), followed that up with the big fat Sahara Parivaar's wedding for arguably India's biggest wedding photographer. This year  has been a record high in terms of having shot weddings of friends. Met and photographed truck loads of celebrities from Tamil cinema some of whom I have always looked up to for inspiration. Shot my first proper celebrity wedding ( Salman Khan's Sister's wedding). Amidst all the grand weddings, I was fortunate to have witnessed  few beautifully and carefully setup weddings in smaller towns.

Now, moving on to the balancing act part, I have been trying my hand at architectural photography, it is definitely therapeutic ( Sometimes not having to photograph people is such a relief :) ) In September I did something I am proud of. I have always wanted to travel alone and travel in Europe. I can happily say with a big grin that the solo Euro trip ( first of many) is off my checklist. It has easily been one of the best things I have done in a while. Even there I could not really escape weddings ( As you will see when you scroll down). 

The photos I am sharing with you here should have happened periodically all through the year. I hope to do a better job this year. Nevertheless here it is. I call it " The one #tbt to rule them all ". 

Enjoy and have a fine year!